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Kevin E. Rider

Kevin E. Rider

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Loan Originator

Kevin began his career 25 years ago as a mortgage broker. He was a student of the mortgage business and went from being a mortgage broker to a mortgage banker in just a few years. Kevin was instrumental in helping to develop 1st mortgage divisions in companies. Eventually he decided to move out to Orange County, California where it was considered to be the MECCA of the mortgage industry. HIs first job was for a company buying "scratch & dent" loans. Kevin was part of the due diligence team that handled the purchasing of those type of loans. He was an intricate part of repackaging those loans and selling them to the secondary market. Later he moved on and worked for a mortgage company where he helped develop ALT-A guidelines & products with a large security firm. He left there to become Chief Operations Officer for a struggling mortgage company. Kevin was instrumental into turning that compnany from losing money three years prior to his arrival to become profitable after 12 months. He was over underwriting, processing, shipping, Secondary marketing for new products and the selling of loans,interim servicing, accounting, and warehouse line management.

Kevin decided it was time to go out on his own and start his on mortgage lending company. He was very successful going up agains the big boys. His business focus was having Synergy between his company and mortgage brokers. He shared the same philsophy with his employees in doing their jobs very well. His group was able to underwriter and close loans faster than the bigger companies. He was also able to match any prodcut that was out in the market place. When the market crashed Kevin had to reinvent himself. In doing so he worked with smaller companies to help grow their production.

Currently Kevin is the Operations manager and a Loan Officer for ABM Funding.

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Kevin E. Rider

Loan Originator
NMLS# 102691

7224 Platinum Peak Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89129
State Licenses: CA, FL, IN

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